Solids experts
Adaptive technology
Digital integration
Improving production
Environmental performance
Ingenuity in progress
The most refined solids management technology in the world
The only dual cyclone desander on the market with a 2x2 meter footprint. With a fit-for-purpose, modular design, DualFlow was strategically developed to create a flexible, stackable and compact solution that fits in easily on crowded platform environments.

Technical Specification 5K DualFlow Desander
Dualflow 3D
Dualflow 3D
Height: 3 280mm
Width: 2 000mm
Depth: 2 000mm
Weight: 8 500kg
Pressure Vessel:
Duplex UNS 31803
Valves: Stainless AISI 410
/ AISI 316
Pipes: Duplex UNS 31803
Frame: Carbon steel (S355)
PED 97/23/EC CE
Norsok Z-015, ZONE II
DNV 2.7-3 Portable Offshore Units
ASME B16.34
Maximum flow rate (fluid):
3 168m³
Maximum flow rate (gas):
565 000 Sm³/day
Maximum sand rate
200 kg/hrs
Pressure drop
1 bar
Smallest particle size
20 micron

* depends on the application
Min. operating temp:
-28 ºC
Max. operating temp:
+120 ºC
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Next generation cyclone technology
The DualFlow contains two patented, single liner cyclones in one unit. As one vessel is isolated and flushed, production continues through the other. 560 sensors return real time data on flow rate, pressure, temperature, weight, and asset integrity. Delivering a proven separation efficiency of 99.8%, and a dynamic range of 20μm to 10mm solids up to 20 000 bbl/day and 20 MMscfd. The result is continuous production and better asset management, as the data allows early stages of erosion to be managed.
Maintain optimal flow rates
Proven to optimise production, DualFlow uses its real time data to tune well flow. By maintaining optimal flow rates, production is maintained at a consistent level, avoiding drops in production from choking back the well. This maximises solids free production, lowering the cost per barrel and enhancing production performance.

Improving production
Fourphase 158 05 Operations Room
Fourphase 158 05 Operations Room
The first automated solids management system
Capable of automated, remote operations, the system delivers solids-free production flow while reducing operational costs and eliminating risks related to human error. Connected to the system’s real time data, the DualFlow is aided by a control system which can perform advanced prediction simulations in real time.

Digital integration
Fourphase 236 06 Confernces
Fourphase 236 06 Confernces
Actively improves ESG reporting
With 560 sensors integrated into every DualFlow, the key is in the data that is captured in real time. This knowledge enhances decision making and reduces the need for carbon heavy interventions.

Environmental performance
Fourphase Nature 20200501 033
Fourphase Nature 20200501 033
Fourphase Nature 20121128 007
DualFlow improves the production of underperforming wells and enables operators to optimise asset integrity and increase field economics.

Improving Production
Fourphase 045 01 Workshop
Fourphase 045 01 Workshop
Market differentiating technology
Compact 2m x 2m (6.6 ft) footprint
Separation efficiency of 99,8% and solid particle range from 20μm – 10mm
Highly automated system with remote operation
Real time solids measurement and data gathering
An interlock system to control all valves
Intuitive design with two vessels that can be run separately, in series and parallel
Single liner technology
560 inbuilt sensors
Fourphase 030 01 Workshop
Fourphase 030 01 Workshop
Benefits to your project
Fits easily on crowded platform environments
Enables retrofit without modification to offshore platforms
Reduces jetting of solids to sea
Reduces POB and mundane tasks on-site
Eliminates risk of operator error
Facilitates quick, confident decision making that cuts down associated risk
Reduces the need for carbon heavy interventions
Improves HSE
Enables continuous production
Facilitates a wide flow range
Ensures safe remote operations
Handles a variety of applications, including CT interventions, online desanding and production