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Environmental performance

FourPhase has been capturing solids management information since 2013 – by utilising our database and simulating operational scenarios, we have delivered an operational uptime above 99.6% over the last 10 years.

Eyes on the data

Transparent access to real time data, our digital dashboard displays the solids metrics, including weight of solids removed, flow rate, pressure (six locations), temperature and asset integrity of the desander system.

Data sharing is easy. Through our dashboard, it is possible for clients to receive fully automated reports as and when you need them. Ensuring you are kept up to date on the status of your well at any time.
Fourphase 156 05 Operations Room
Fourphase 156 05 Operations Room
In-house test-loop
Using our in-house test loop, we can simulate well behaviour, sand production, and separation efficiency before going offshore to ensure efficiency and uptime.
Fourphase 166 05 Operations Room
Fourphase 166 05 Operations Room

Digital information security

When we think safety, we are also talking data security. We are able work with all standard protocols and have future proofed our systems by utilising the strength of OPCUA.
Fourphase 134 05 Operations Room
Fourphase 134 05 Operations Room

Integration and flexibility

We believe that integration should be easy. Leveraging technology from Beckhoff, Festo and Moxa. Our OPCUA server applies a translation layer, meaning it is possible to lock into any architecture.
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Insights Articles
September 30 2023
Optimal well production with Production Flow Recovery
Instead of restricting production to avoid sand, FourPhase introduces Production Flow Recovery (PFR) to allow for optimal well production rates, producing sand while increasing reservoir permeability.

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Fourphase Water Oil And Gas
Insights Articles
July 4 2023
ESG - Sand management for a low-carbon, digitalized future
This article discusses the role that sand management plays in the context of ESG and sustainability and outlines steps we are taking at FourPhase to prepare our products and technologies for the future.

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Fourphase 136 05 Operations Room
Insights Articles
March 16 2022
Leveraging data to enhance coiled tubing clean out
How can data be used to optimise Coiled Tubing Clean-Out (CTCO) and align sand management with the growing shift towards digitalisation in the sector.

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Insights Articles
January 17 2023
Introduction to remote operations for the sand management sector
This article talks broadly about the remote operation in the energy industry. FourPhase's remote operation in sand management is new to the solids management industry but not to the energy industry.

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One of the world’s most comprehensive solids data sets
Use machine learning to enhance production management
A digital dashboard displaying key metrics
Real time access to well data
Easy integration
Designed with standard protocols
Fourphase 178 04 Otc
Fourphase 178 04 Otc