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We are an industrial technology company specialising in solids separation. Using our adaptive technology with advanced digital capabilities we enhance operational, commercial, and environmental performance through advanced solids management.

Founded in January 2012 we have offices in Aberdeen, Bergen and Houston.
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What we do

We turn the management of solids into a key performance indicator that is fundamental to increase production and reduce emissions. Capable of being controlled remotely, and autonomously, our digital solutions give our customers accurate sand management data to continuously tune well performance to avoid intervention and significantly reduce the cost per barrel of production.
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How we do it

Fusing an inventive mindset with engineering capability we develop progressive solids management systems that are designed to continuously improve efficiency across operational, commercial and environmental measures.

Our values


We’re interested in what’s possible – always looking for innovative ideas that lead to more capable systems.

We have an open minded and positive way of working – exploring both what our technology can do and how it can be applied in different situations. We approach challenges with a ‘can do’, flexible mindset.
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Fourphase 194 04 Otc


We’re active and forward looking. We have an eye to the future – innovating to improve operational, commercial and environmental performance. We are actively extending our horizons, seeking opportunity beyond where we are today.
Fourphase 101 02 Test Room
Fourphase 101 02 Test Room


We’re pragmatic and efficient. We develop our technology to improve performance wherever and however, it is used. From short-term interventions to long-term remote operations the efficiency of our systems and services is the measure of our success.
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Fourphase 102 02 Test Room
Fourphase Desander Offshore Filter Solution
Case Studies
January 13 2023
Efficient surface sand removal adds $2.6M monthly production
Achieve continuous flow from the well by managing sand production via inline de-sanding.

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Insights Articles
October 21 2021
Industry leading testing facilities
In an industry determined to minimize risk and maximise health and safety, the ability to undergo rigorous testing and simulations of your equipment in your own facilities is key.

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Insights Articles
January 18 2021
New video: introducing FourPhase operations
With the COVID-situation restricting in-person visits to our facilities and removing face-to-face time with clients across the globe, the FourPhase team have developed a new video, to showcase the company capabilities through digital channels.

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Insights Articles
April 26 2022
Constantly striving to do more

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