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ESGQ plays a critical role in our business. Backed by EV Private Equity (EVPE), we are committed to change.

EVPE is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and our business strategy is focused towards using our ingenuity to give customers a more environmentally friendly choice.
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014
Technology designed to reduce carbon intensity.

In line with the global commitment to decarbonise, we’ve identified key ways our technology can reduce the environmental footprint per barrel produced.
Fourphase 212 04 Otc
Fourphase 212 04 Otc
Eliminates discharge of
oil contaminated solids
Solids gathered at the surface must be removed and cleaned through a multi-stage process before they are released to sea. Achieving accurate reporting has been a sector challenge for a long time. Application of the DualFlow as an ongoing solids management approach enables operators to separate and accurately log the volume of hydrocarbon contaminated sand particles.
Fourphase 026 01 Workshop
Fourphase 026 01 Workshop
Limit CO2 intensive Coiled Tubing
Clean Out operations
CTCO operations have a significant CO2 footprint. Through efficient solids handling, the DualFlow removes the need for interventions for many solids producing wells. Where a CTCO operation is still required, the DualFlow can be easily integrated to optimise the process. This removes potential exposure to hydrocarbons and guarantees solids free production with a proven efficiency rate of 99.8%.
Asset integrity
Solids cause erosion and potential catastrophic failure in process equipment. DualFlow can be installed at various points in the production process to prevent this. Our technology continuously monitors all of the process variables to constantly predict potential erosion. Applied as a preventative solution, the DualFlow actively improves asset integrity to deliver safer operations and reduce maintenance and replacement requirements.

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Fourphase 045 01 Workshop
Fourphase 045 01 Workshop
Fourphase 030 01 Workshop O
Safety is our number
one priority
Safety does not only influence how we conduct ourselves; it also impacts our technology. We are proud that our automated capabilities reduce or eliminate traditional manual handling related activities, which account for many workplace injuries.

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In 2021 we recorded:
Zero incidents, deaths
Zero lost time incidents
Zero work-related illness
Zero damage to the external environment
Sick leave below 3.6%
Average customer satisfaction score 94.7%
Fourphase 257 06 Conferences
Fourphase 257 06 Conferences
Fourphase 152 05 Operations Room
We are ethical, always. Centred on high quality and reliability that can extend the lifetime of customers’ production.

Our code of conduct
Acting for a cleaner tomorrow
Often the status quo needs to be challenged through regulatory change. We believe our technology can bring about positive change in regulations through its proven track record to reduce environmental impact. We are actively working with regulatory bodies to create positive evolutions of industry standards.
Delivering quality in everything that we do
We operate to high standards and use ingenuity to continuously improve our processes across our entire value chain. Some of our credentials include:
Certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
Atex Zone 2
UL Class I Division 2
Fourphase 239 06 Confernces
Fourphase 239 06 Confernces