Our approach
Core applications
Product Range
Data Driven
Environmental performance

We deliver:

1Increased Production
Through effective removal of sand
2Data Driven Decisions
Live sand measurement and automation allow for informed decision-making
3Improved environmental performance
Reduced carbon footprint and cost by avoiding additional well interventions
Solids producing wells
Eliminate choked back or shut-in wells: Our method ensures the continuous removal of solids upstream the separator, thereby increasing production rates and reservoir permeability.

Optimised production
Coiled tubing flowback
No downtime: Informed by real-time solids data, our technology enables better decision making and a more efficient Coiled Tubing clean-out.

Coiled tubing
Online separator jetting
Optimised production during jetting operations of production separators. Our approach eliminates downtime and the HSE risks associated with manually emptying separators.

Online jetting
Produced water management
Our solids removal solution improves water quality and eliminates the cost of sand eroding re-injection pumps.

Produced water
Plug & abandonment
We eliminate the need for discharge to sea and enable environmentally responsible P&A operations

Case Studies
Fourphase Desander Sand Management System North Sea
Case Studies
January 16 2023
30% hydrocarbon production increase on a sand-producing gas well
Continuous production worth $2.0M/month was enabled using a DualFlow desander. The well produced 140Mscf/month of gas.

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Fp Harbour Energy Judy P08 P20 09
Case Studies
January 10 2024
Optimisation of a shut-in sand producing well using a DualFlow and MPFM
An Operator in the UK North Sea had a well shut-in for many years due to sand production. The Operator wanted to reinstate the well and use a solids management system to remove any solids at surface.

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Fp 1085
Case Studies
October 30 2023
Ensuring production by removing solids upstream produced water pump
FourPhase is ensuring that no solids enter the produced water reinjection pumps using a cyclonic desander in the Norwegian North Sea

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Fp 1172 Alvheim 07 Min
Case Studies
October 3 2023
Solids jetting of a production separator on a FPSO
FourPhase delivered a solids management system for an FPSO in the North Sea.

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Fourphase 026 01 Workshop O Reducex
Effectivesolids Mobile

Production Flow Recovery

Instead of restricting production to avoid sand, our Production Flow Recovery (PFR) method allows for optimal well production rates, producing sand while increasing reservoir permeability.

Production Flow Recovery
Fourphase 232 06 Confernces
Fourphase 232 06 Confernces
"The FourPhase DualFlow system is very helpful and important in order to obtain continuous production during a sand handling operation"

- Head Production Technologist - Major UK Operator