Solids experts
Adaptive technology
Digital integration
Improving production
Environmental performance
Ingenuity in progress
In the world of solids separation management,
FourPhase technology combines engineering
brilliance, digital capability and environmental
awareness. We create systems that enhance
operational, commercial and environmental
performance, in oil and gas – and beyond.
Fourphase 026 01 Workshop O
Effectivesolids Mobile
Effective solids management
Managing solids effectively is the difference
between acceptable and unprecedented
performance. Integrate our next-generation
solids separation technology, and move to
continuous, solids-free flow, production uplift and less pollution.

Improving production
Fourphase 232 06 Confernces
Fourphase 232 06 Confernces
"The FourPhase DualFlow system is very helpful and important in order to obtain continuous production during a sand handling operation"

- Major UK Operator - Head Production Technologist
Fourphase Desander Sand Management System North Sea
Case Studies
January 16 2023
30% hydrocarbon production increase on a sand-producing gas well
Continuous production worth $2.0M/month was enabled using a DualFlow desander. The well produced 140Mscf/month of gas.

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Fourphase Desander Offshore Filter Solution
Case Studies
January 13 2023
Efficient surface sand removal adds $2.6M monthly production
Achieve continuous flow from the well by managing sand production via inline de-sanding.

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Esg Company Of The Year 2022
November 23 2022
FourPhase awarded ESG company of the year by EV Private Equity
FourPhase awarded ESG company of the year 2022 by EV Private Equity

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Fourphase Closed Loop System
Case Studies
October 5 2022
$25M production maintained - online desanding of production separator
Case study - online desanding using DualFlow without shut down of production, enabling $25M of maintained production.

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Unique insight into wells
and reservoirs
As well as physically managing solids, FourPhase technology allows you to understand, control and improve flow – and safeguard asset integrity. Our advanced systems give you the insight to understand any product reservoir behaviour and infrastructure performance.

Digital integration
Fourphase 200 04 Otc
Fourphase 200 04 Otc
Ingenious engineering
Our patented systems are a result of relentless improvement and evolution – driven by customer need and a 10-year focus on ingenious engineering that delivers unique systems and enhances safety. All of this has taken place in one of the toughest industries in the world, and in the most challenging, high-pressure environments. We’ve invested thousands of hours of R&D to create innovative technology that excels in these environments – and beyond.
Fourphase 080 02 Test Room
Fourphase 080 02 Test Room
Game-changing, compact modular design
Precise integration
Reduced POB
Remote operation
83 International active patents