Adaptive technology
Digital integration
Improving production
Environmental performance
Ingenuity in progress
As the industry moves towards autonomous platforms we have invested heavily in our technology to ensure safe, automated solids management is being delivered today. As a result, when the IT infrastructure allows, our systems are capable of being remotely monitored and operated.
Fourphase 136 05 Operations Room O

Operations and Technology Centre

Located in Bergen, our state of the art operations and test centre links to any remote operation in real time. From here we can remotely, or physically, gather experienced project managers to enhance knowledge transfer across projects, supporting the goal of zero downtime.

Replicating offshore

Our comprehensive Flow Loop is a full sized model of an offshore installation with EX certified valves, flow meters and a solids injection hopper to simulate sand events. With a camera link to the operations centre testing and offshore event simulations can be carried out to support project planning, training or remote operations.
Fourphase 180 04 Otc
Fourphase 180 04 Otc

Reduce POB

Critical remote operation removes manual handling and people in exposed zones. The remote capabilities lower POB, during ongoing production. Our systems are designed to eliminate risks, reduce cost and remove logistics associated with people offshore.
Fourphase 257 06 Conferences
Fourphase 257 06 Conferences
Fourphase Desander Offshore Filter Solution
Case Studies
January 13 2023
Efficient surface sand removal adds $2.6M monthly production
Achieve continuous flow from the well by managing sand production via inline de-sanding.

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Fourphase In The Us On Truck
Case Studies
May 26 2021
Returning the shut-in “devil’s well” to production
How we retuned the shut-in “devil’s well” to 6 000 bbl/day, creating $30M USD additional profit

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Fourphase 189 04 Otc
January 17 2023
Introduction to remote operations for the sand management sector
This article talks broadly about the remote operation in the energy industry. FourPhase's remote operation in sand management is new to the solids management industry but not to the energy industry.

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Fourphase 258 06 Conferences
June 23 2021
Leading and influencing technology innovation
Industry award recognises COO and CTO Jørgen Bruntveit

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Reduce POB and associated risks
Removes manual handling and people in exposed zones
Decrease costs, with the ability to manage more units remotely at a given time, synergies create economical gains
Have the experts in one room, enabling knowledge transfer and sharing
Fourphase 190 04 Otc
Fourphase 190 04 Otc