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Industry award recognises COO and CTO Jørgen Bruntveit
All of those operating in the oil and gas sector will agree that future innovation will be vital to the ongoing success of the industry. Innovating to deliver new technology is a key part of our business model and as such, we were delighted to see Jørgen Bruntveit, our COO and CTO, listed within Hart Energy’s ’40 under 40’ programme, an initiative to recognise the future technology innovators and influencers in the energy industry.
Jørgen is one of forty individuals recognised for their positive impact and significant individual technical contributions to their organisations. Hart Energy notes:

‘In short, they’ve demonstrated workplace leadership as innovative minds who will lead the oil and gas industry towards a brighter future.”

We’re taking the opportunity to look in greater detail into the work that Jørgen does, his wider role in the organisation, and the key milestones that led to this impressive industry accolade.

So let’s start from the beginning.

Jørgen joined the Fourphase team in 2013 as our Operations Manager, quickly working his way up to the role of Vice President of Operations in 2015. After only two years, he was promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer, and in June 2019 his role was further extended to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

During this time, he played a key role in the research, development and delivery of our coveted single liner cyclonic technology. With two vessels contained in one unit, the design ensures continuous production, as one vessel can be isolated and flushed, while production continues through the other.

It has a proven efficiency of 99.8% with a dynamic range of 20 microns to 10 mm solids. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment has over 60 hard, and more than 500 soft sensors built in, gathering real-time data which enables better quality decisions.

His drive, knowledge and expertise has helped to give the market a solution that enables continuous solids removal while ensuring solids-free flow – enabling operators to optimize production without costly, time-consuming or more CO2 intensive CT/HWO cleanouts.

When speaking to Hart Energy on the recognition, he said: “I have always had colleagues and leaders who have been encouraging and supporting growth, and to me having that safety net and support is the difference between failure or success.”

As part of this, he is a strong advocate against ‘siloed knowledge’, an approach which has seen him adopt an open and collaborative approach to technological development. He has worked alongside colleagues to create an environment where ideas, suggestions and feedback can all be shared in the workplace. This approach to a linear, non-hierarchical management structure, is helping to elevate the voices of the technological innovators of the future here at FourPhase.

Jørgen adds: “The biggest challenge is progressing the company culture. We need to ensure that we have a work environment where we encourage knowledge-sharing and allow mistakes.”

As the industry moves towards autonomous rigs and increased digitalisation, his work has embedded remote and automated operations into our core strategy for years. His early adoption and understanding of the importance of data to achieving successful results, has seen us incorporate real-time data from the very beginning, enabling continuously, increased production for oil and gas operators.

Jørgen is just one of the many talented individuals who work at FourPhase. We believe that all our employees have a track-record and reputation to be proud of, and we are confident that both his, and our wider constant horizon scanning and outlook to the future, will place us in a strong position for ongoing success.

You can read Jorgen’s interview with Hart Energy in their 40 under 40 feature here