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A surface solution for high producing wells

With its flexible, modular design, the Bulk Desander can be modified to accommodate a wide range of customer specifications. Specifically designed for high flow capacity, the Bulk Desander is primarily used in offshore surface applications, during production from high producing wells. It can also be deployed on fields with multiple solids producing wells.

Technical Specification Bulk Desander
Fourphase Bulk Desander
Fourphase Bulk Desander


Height: 6 200 mm
Width: 6 000 mm
Depth: 4 000 mm
Weight: 38 300 kg
Pressure Vessel:
A928 UNS S31803
Valves (flushing): AISI 316
Pipes: S31803 DUPLEX
Structure: EN 10210:2006
MR0175-97 CE
Norsok Z-015
DNV GL 2.7-3
Maximum flow rate (fluid):
1 659m³/day
Maximum flow rate (gas):
1 753 073 Sm³/day
Maximum sand rate
400 kg/hrs
Pressure drop
1-10 bar
Smallest particle size
20 micron
Min. operating temp:
-28 ºC
Max. operating temp:
+90 ºC

The Bulk Desander can remove solids between 20 micron to 10mm from a liquid or gas medium. It uses multiple cyclones, which can be used simultaneously or separately depending on the production needs.

Digital now

Using machine learning algorithms, the operational solids database provides the Bulk Desander’s control system with predictive capabilities for managing well performance across multiple wells. Truly bringing solids management into the smart, digital age.

Digital integration
Fourphase 248 06 Confernces
Fourphase 248 06 Confernces
Fourphase Nature 20200501 033
Fourphase Nature 20200501 033

Smarter choices

Designed for use on fields with multiple solids producing wells, the Bulk Desander can utilise its integrated sensors to capture data across multiple wells simultaneously. This can identify trends quickly and facilitate better decision-making.

Environmental performance
Fourphase 102 02 Test Room
Fourphase 102 02 Test Room

The economic choice

If not managed effectively, sand production results in production losses. The Bulk Desander actively alleviates issues associated with sand production to boost improved production, while limiting project costs and Personnel on Board (POB).

Improving Production
Fourphase 165 05 Operations Room
Fourphase 165 05 Operations Room

Market differentiating technology

Multi well hook up capability
High flow capacity: Fluid 1 659m³/day (10 435 bbl/day) Gas 1 753 073 Sm³/day (62 MMscf/day)
Compact 6m x 4m (19.7 x 13.1 ft) footprint
Separation efficiency of 99,8% and solid particle range from 20μm – 10mm
Highly automated system with remote operation
Real time solids measurement and data gathering
An automated interlock system is used to control all valves during vessel isolation
Intuitive design with two vessels that can be run separately, in serial and parallel
Single liner technology
560 inbuilt sensors
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014

Benefits to your project

Allows you to manage your sand production across the entire platform
Maintains optimal flow rates
Fits easily on crowded platform environments
Enables retrofit without modification to offshore platforms
Reduces jetting of solids to sea
Reduces POB and mundane tasks on-site
Eliminates risk of operator error
Facilitates quick, confident decision making that cuts down associated risk
Reduces the need for carbon heavy interventions
Directly improves HSE
Enable continuous production
Facilitates a wide flow range
Ensures safe remote operations can take place
Handles a variety of applications, including CT interventions, online desanding and production