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First monohull riser-based CT intervention on NCS
Norwegian North Sea, August 2022
An operator in the North Sea required a solution to flow wells on separate fields using a Coiled Tubing package on a vessel. The wells were plugged with sand, scale and debris and therefore required a versatile solution to manage the flowback. The expected solid particle size for the operation was between 50 - 1500 micron.

With limited space available, a compact desander unit was considered favourable. The operator planned to rig up all the CT flowback equipment onshore on a quick interface frame. The frame would include pipes, hoses, and small units and was planned to be lifted onboard as one unit to save costly vessel time.
A complete CT package, including a FourPhase DualFlow solids management system, was installed on a quick frame onshore. The structure included all pipework for easy installation and reuse for future CT campaigns and enabled easy installation on the intervention vessel. To allow the operation to go ahead, the DualFlow was qualified according to the DNV-OS-E101 for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODUs), where the qualification applies to pressure-containing parts. The DualFlow was remotely operated safely from a control container shared with another supplier, with flowback routed through the DualFlow when necessary.
A 5K DualFlow was a part of the system separating solids in returns on a vessel during the first-ever monohull riser-based CT intervention on NCS.

7 283kgs of solids were safely separated during the 10-week campaign from two different wells, with a 22 kg/hr average during the operation. The DualFlow removed the risk associated with hazardous operations and manual handling and provided a solution with less resulting carbon emissions. With a 2x2m footprint, minimum deck space was utilised and carried out with a 2-man crew, reducing POB and associated risks.