Solids experts
Adaptive technology
Digital integration
Improving production
Environmental performance
Ingenuity in progress
If there is an opportunity to improve performance – we take it. We see a challenge – and we set out to solve it. This ingenuity means we’ve already created market-leading technologies that revolutionise solids management – leading to proven increases in efficiency, productivity and profitability.
Connected for data
Interconnectivity and open architecture across all of our technologies opens up whole worlds of possibilities – including predictive analytics for more efficient solids management.
Fourphase Sand Data Connection 753973
Fourphase Sand Data Connection 753973
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Find out more about our state-of-the-art compact solids management technology

Digital integration
Emerging applications
When you build game-changing technology, you inevitably keep discovering new applications for it. For example, our dual cyclone technology gives operators a new way to increase production. By merging your existing well data with information from our sensors – and our historical solids data – our technology can be deployed as a well diagnostics tool. It flags issues early so that you can prevent intervention – and stop wells being shut in or collapsing.
Where ever there are solids
Our technology also has applications far beyond oil and gas – including water management, swarf and cutting management, mud conditioning and general processes.
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014
Fourphase Nature 20160226 014
R&D investment
We’re actively focussed on new product development, with Innovation Norway funding for R&D programmes. If you have a challenge you’d like us to consider, please get in touch.

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