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Optimal production with zero flaring
Middle East, January 2013
A client was concerned about the waste management related to the stimulation treatment of wells. Designed to boost production this practice typically creates well flow back effluent consisting of gas, oil, water, oily solids and oil-water emulsions.

Traditionally this would have been flared off, contributing greatly to air pollution and CO2 emissions, as well as the potential for water pollution in the form of solids drop out due to inefficient flaring practices.

Having previously flared, the client was now aiming to avoid this, in accordance with its environmental goals. As a result, they were searching for a solution that created zero-flaring, while maintaining high levels of effective waste management and optimal production.
A FourPhase desander 10kPSI unit was delivered to the client in January 2013, and subsequently three desander 5kPSI units were delivered in January 2014 for both onshore and offshore productions.

The desander units are designed for solids removal in high pressure wells. The 10kPSI unit can be utilised for long-term production in HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) surface applications where solids might be present during production or intervention clean-up application. Using next generation hydro cyclone technology, the systems treat the flow back to ensure that no flaring is required.
The goal of zero flaring was successful achieved, aiding the clients ESG targets.

Production continued safely, at maximum flowrate, providing a long-term solution that reduced the client’s waste while facilitating ongoing production.

The project, and subsequent projects was so successful that the client signed a long-term contract with FourPhase as a valuable partner in production and solids removal management.
Client enhanced its ESG offering
No impact on production or flowrates
Reduction in the likelihood of personnel being exposed to harmful substances
No recorded HSE incidents during activity
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Fourphase 045 01 Workshop