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Insights: shining a light on our workshop operators
Since 2017 we have been measuring customer satisfaction and it has consistently resulted in a +90% average score annually. In 2020 we achieved our highest average rating yet, with a 95.7% Customer Satisfaction Score. This is only possible thanks to our team, who share the same drive and focus on operational excellence.
Within our team we have a whole range of roles, skill sets and capabilities. We want to tell you a bit more about these roles and the people that make this happen, so it’s time to shine a light on our team. Given our equipment starts its customer journey with our workshop operators, we thought we would start there too.

Located in Bergen, Thomas Jensen and Kristian Engelsen, are two of our workshop operators. They are our boots on the ground, ensuring the turnaround of equipment is swift and always on point. We have spoken to them to find out more about their life at FourPhase.

For how long have you been with the company?
Thomas, started with FourPhase in October 2017 and Kristian joined us in May 2020.

What is your background?
Kristian is a trained construction mechanic, while Thomas spent 4 years maintaining construction vehicles and equipment as a trained car mechanic before joining the company.

Describe a typical workday and tasks at FourPhase?
Hectic, but in a good way. No days are alike, and tasks have a lot of variety. As we are an offshore service provider, time is often critical, and if something goes sideways offshore, we need to make sure they are up and running again as fast as possible.

As both work tasks and hours depend on the operational need, it helps if we can adjust and be flexible. Luckily, flexibility does not just apply to the workshop, it’s a mentality running throughout the whole company.

Typical tasks include:

- Overhauling valves
- Leak and pressure testing
- Goods reception and quality control
- Metal construction of brackets and whatever is required
- Adjustments and assembly
- Dealing with hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics.

Currently, we have suppliers helping us with the electrical tasks as there is quite a lot of automation and programming involved.

Thomas adds, “We have a close collaboration with both the operation and engineering departments. This is valuable for everyone as ideas can be exchanged and evaluated as we go. The ones that are worth further consideration are put forward to an engineering design review where a decision is made to implement or not”.

Describe how FourPhase technology has evolved since you joined the company?
Thomas: “Over the last three years, the main difference to me is the move away from pneumatic feedback to electronic. The level of tracking we have on all our equipment, in terms of part and batch number, is impressive.

Kristian: “I started just after we had delivered our first desander with the second-generation control system. To me, the collaborations, and partnerships we have established with our 3rd party suppliers has been the most significant change. This is a slightly new way of working, which naturally has some challenges, but with more external integration we have achieved great developments and results.

How would you describe the work environment in the workshop?
(Editor’s note: they both smiled!). It is all about attitude and, we have great people with a focus on delivery while also having a good time at work. I do not think it is a stretch to say that we proactively try to have a good time. As we mentioned, our tasks vary, but with the right attitude, you can enjoy doing anything.

What do you like about working at FourPhase?
The fact you get to follow the equipment from the start to finish. An empty frame enters the workshop. A couple of weeks later, it is fully operational world-class solids management system, tested by a third party and loaded ready for an operation offshore. That is definitely satisfying.

Thanks to Thomas and Kristian for your time and insight. If you would like more information on being a workshop operator