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Insights: making strides in the Americas
Solids management is a concern for approximately 50% of wells globally. In response, we are committed to bringing our market-leading technology to new markets and, as a result, are bolstering our presence in the US.
Two state-of-the-art DualFlow 5K cyclonic separation systems are ready for use across the wider Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and North American market. These separation systems have been built according to US standards and have been awarded the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certifications respectively.

The UL standard proves that product components meet all durability expectations and compliance requirements for the US region. The ASME certification demonstrates our commitment to quality. By achieving these standards, we are showing our drive to bring safer and smarter products to this important market.

To complement the arrival of the units, we have boosted our team in the US. Caleb Roquemore has been appointed Vice President – Americas. Caleb has a strong background in technical sales for the oil and gas sector, and has worked with Perma-Pipe in the US and ClampOn in Bergen. Caleb will lead FourPhase’s entry into the market. Aksel Skåland has also been appointed business development manager for the Americas. With over 11 years of experience, Aksel has an impressive record of solids management and coiled tubing operations. Using his knowledge from various parts of the solids management industry, Aksel will provide US-based clients with solutions to their solids challenges.

We are proud to have had success in the Americas already. A recent project in the region saw a major American operator experience solids production in multiple wells on one of its platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Our involvement in what the field operator referred to as the ‘Devil’s Well’ saw the desander increase production by 6,000 bbl per day. Due to problems surrounding the solids and water handling equipment, the well had been shut-in. The DualFlow 5K desander saw the well return to production, with a profit of $30 MUSD achieved. Using automated solutions, Personnel on Board (POB) was reduced from 20 to 6 due to our involvement.

With numerous desanders available on the US market, our goal is to challenge the perception that desanders must have a large footprint. Space on the rig floor is extremely limited, and our desander has been designed specifically with this challenge in mind. With a 2×2 meter footprint, it enjoys the title of smallest desander on the market.

We firmly believe in developing innovative technology, and our DualFlow 5K cyclonic separation system integrates the measurement, modelling and removal of solids at the well. This data empowers the production team to make real-time, fact-based decisions to maximise solids-free production. By enabling greater visibility and analysis of solids in the well, it is possible to change the approach to solids management.

Actively contributing towards a cleaner industry is one of our guiding principles. We are pleased to be challenging traditional approaches to oil and gas production in fields where solids are present. Our goal with bolstering our presence in the US is to help clients across the Americas become aware of the benefits derived from remote and automated operations. We aim to achieve this by promoting strategies to reduce people on board offshore facilities (POB) and develop solutions to streamline efficiencies through our innovative technology.