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Insights: constantly striving to do more
At FourPhase, we have developed and adopted a business strategy that supports the long-term viability of the oil and gas industry. Our activity is designed to deliver sustainable success and a key part of achieving this is our approach to environmental, social governance and quality commitment (ESG&Q).
We work hard to ensure that all activity – be that boardroom discussions and ongoing technological innovation, to project delivery offshore – is underpinned by our ESG&Q guidance. We also embrace the belief that more can always be done. Each member of the team, across all our offices, is committed to delivering quality in everything they do.

This creates an operational team who are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services across our entire value chain, at all levels of the organisation. This aligns with our objective to develop and produce solids management products with high quality that are also reliable, meet all safety requirements and reduce carbon intensity.

While no single piece of the puzzle is more important than another, we are taking the opportunity this month to focus on one of the sections of our ESG&Q guidelines: SAFETY.

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our people and everyone we interact with, paired with a commitment to act responsibly for others and ourselves. While innovation sits at the heart of our technology, this has always been underpinned by safety and directly impacts the products and solutions we deliver.

Findings show that in the oil and gas industry, activity related to manual handling is the cause of over a third of all workplace injuries. As a result, we are proud that our automated capabilities help to eliminate that risk. By automating and streamlining previously manual processes, such as manipulating valves, flushing vessels or even emptying separators for solids, we deliver solutions that remove manual processes in hazardous work environments. With the system’s increased automation, jetting of separators can also be performed using fully closed-loop systems totally eliminating any exposure to hazardous substances.

With a mindset of becoming better and focusing on improvements, a new control system has been introduced to further reduce POB and improve operating efficiency. Compared to our previous control system which had innovative features such as inter-lock and pneumatic control, the new system has a digital user interface and facilitates fully remote operations, which further helps to lower the risk of unwanted incidents due to operator error offshore.

Not only that, but by delivering real-time data on solids production, the DualFlow™ system enables trending of specific well and solids production data. Sophisticated algorithms allow for a better understanding of ongoing production as it can be correlated with previous operations and wells. We believe this ensures that we are well-positioned to help operators maintain safe, sustainable and cost-effective operations in the future.

As we continue to review, adapt and adopt new technologies, we will do so with a desire to change and improve our services and environmental footprint. Our approach to safety will play a key part of this continued operational success.