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The DualFlow separation system qualified to DNV RP A203
9 June 2022
FourPhase has qualified its DualFlow separation system to the DNV-RP-A203 process. A process created to qualify new technology which includes technical analysis, qualification testing, procedural cautions measures, design precautions and full-scale tests.

The DualFlow system has received DNV's statement of qualified technology based on detailed theoretical and operational evidence. DNV has validated the DualFlow operation to a separation efficiency of more than 99.8% for solids particles as small as 20 micron contained in an oil & gas process stream.
With the DNV’s statement, new customers can be confident that the proven reliability and the robust performance margins make the DualFlow system well suited also for new applications. We believe that the investment done for qualifying our technology can benefit innovative technology projects where minimising risk is essential. This includes remote and autonomous operations where you cannot have the personnel to monitor the technology onsite or Carbon Capture and Underground Storage (CCUS). CCS projects in the media have stated issues with their pressure management system due to sand. For these types of projects, there can be a high value in choosing a proven solids management technology with proven separation efficiency to ensure project execution.
Steve Greenland, CCO adds, "we now have an internationally accredited classification society certifying what our current customers already know; The cyclonic FourPhase DualFlow system is a mature technology and developed for safe remote operations that always meet our stated separation efficiency. We are already seeing positive effects of the DNV RP A203 certification, increasing confidence with new customers".

DualFlow DNV RP A203 Certificate
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