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Enabling production from a shut-in gas and condensate well
Gulf of Mexico, 2023

Talos Case Study Data Illustration
Talos Case Study Data Illustration


An operator had shut-in their highest gas and condensate producer due to sand production. By producing the well, the operator could defer P&A cost for the whole platform and realise locked-in value.

The well had not been flowed for several years. There was zero tolerance for production with sand to the export line as another operator owned it. Previous solids management systems were unable to meet the separation target.
Very fine solids (10 - 50 microns) called for a high-end separation system as they are hard to separate.


With expereinced solids management personnel FourPhase enabled production from the shut-in well, resulting in a deferral of P&A cost and realising valuable revenue.

Installing a compact ASME-certified FourPhase DualFlow desander, SSV, and choke downstream of the wellhead and upstream of the production separator. The system delivers a DNV-certified separation efficiency of 99.8% 20- 10 000 microns. As there was a connection with the well no coil tubing was mobilised and the team could start-up the well saving intervention and well work costs.

The DualFlow utilises an automated control system and remote operation from a control container on deck to have minimum POB and keep personnel away from pressurised equipment.
Enabled restoration of production from the platforms best producer. Continuous hydrocarbon production worth $0.5M/month was maintained using a DualFlow desander. The well typically produced 90 000 Sm3 of gas and 6 Sm3 of solids-free condensate per day to the export line.

No HSE incidents during the entire operation. No separator confined space entry and no sand was measured in the export flow line. Remote operation of the DualFlow was conducted from a platform office, ensuring a safe work environment away from exposed work areas.

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