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Insights: Q&A with our new VP Americas, Caleb Roquemore
Our new VP for the Americas, Caleb Roquemore, started with us at the end of September. From our new base in Houston, his goal is to build on our previous success in the Gulf of Mexico and bring our industry-leading technology to clients across the wider region. Find out more below:
Can you tell us a little about your previous experience?

I have worked in the oil and gas sector for over 10 years. This includes time spent in subsea, topsides, and onshore production, with a focus mainly on flow assurance, integrity, and process engineering.

The majority of my experience has been in production optimization with an emphasis on solids management. My background means that I understand the impact of erosion, bottlenecking, and production cutbacks that are caused by issues involved with producing reservoirs in a sandstone formation. This knowledge enables me to be an effective partner in helping our operators to increase profitability while reducing costs and minimizing risk.

What is your goal for FourPhase in the Americas?

At FourPhase, we hope to duplicate the success we have witnessed in Europe. Our plan is to build out a full compliment of assets in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) region and serve our partners from Canada, all the way down to Brazil.

As we have already had successful projects here in the Gulf, we know that there is a demand for the advanced technology which FourPhase offers. Our goal is to have equipment and support personnel available on demand for all service jobs, as well as, permanent production installations.

What attracted you to Fourphase?

I joined FourPhase due to the step-change the technology offers compared to other solids management companies. The Dualflow 5k is not only an order of magnitude better than anything that has previously been available, but also provides a level of surveillance on operations that clients have been desiring for quite some time.

In the new, data-driven world where we operate, FourPhase can actually deliver what I believe to be reliable and actionable results that any operator would clearly see as a value-added service. With the newest advances, FourPhase was the obvious choice, especially when you consider that the Dualflow has demonstrated its ability to add over $100 million USD in yearly revenue to a single asset, even after the costs of the service were taken out.

I believe we can be a valued partner to any operator that is willing to engage our services.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

Away from the office, I work with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where I am on the Wine Sales committee for the Rodeo Uncorked events. This benefits the youth of Texas through college scholarships and promotes the agricultural community in Texas, as well as globally.

I also can be found outside most of the time, fishing, hunting, or golfing. I truly love the outdoors.

Most importantly, I am proud that FourPhase is able to help contribute to reducing carbon emissions and the footprint of oil and gas operations.